Eyebrow Ink Terms & Conditions:

1. These Terms & Conditions (Terms) govern your relationship with Eyebrow Ink Training Academy and constitute a binding contractual agreement between you, an individual (you, your) and Winning Life PTY trading as Eyebrow Ink Styling ABN 202 109 474 26 (Eyebrow Ink, us, we).

2. By entering into these Terms, you warrant: (i) that you are at least 18 years of age; (ii) that you have read, understand and agree to be bound by these Terms; (iii) that you have capacity to enter into these Terms.

3. Please read these Terms carefully as they contain important information regarding your rights and obligations.

Eyebrow Ink Training Academy’s mission

4. Eyebrow Ink Training Academy’s mission is to provide quality and up to date training for its students. Strict guidelines are followed to ensure all students understand and reach competency in all areas of the course. EI Styling Academy follows and teaches the correct procedures governed by the regulations in the cosmetic tattooing industry in Australia.

Payment and Cancellation Policy

5. Your full course fee must be paid in full prior to receiving access to the online course.

6. We accept payment by Visa or Master Card. We request payment to either be made over the phone, transfer amount to the EYEBROW INK account or by filling out your bank details.

7. If you are Australian resident, you can apply for the payment plan service we offer.

8. If you decide to cancel the course, and the kit with manual has been sent out and/or online access has been given you cannot request a refund.

9. You acknowledge that the Administration FEE of $500 is withheld to cover various expenses incurred prior to the commencement of the course, including but not limited to the cost of sending out manual, kit and assigning a trainer.

10. In any rare circumstances if a sum amount has been made to apply for the payment plan and the application gets declined due to legitimate reasons, an all efforts have been made to finance the course and/or paying off the course, EI Styling can determine if the sum amount can be refunded.

11. A students who need to put their course on hold due to personal issues, may do so for a maximum of four weeks. You must email us to let us know if you need to put your course on hold.

Our Obligations

12. Upon full payment of the course fees, EI Styling Training Academy agrees to:

a. Provide you with the necessary materials for your nominated course;
b. Provide you 6 months of access to the nominated online course;
c. Assigned a trainer to contact and answer queries about your course (Not included for BB Glow Course)
d. Provide feedback on your progress;

e. We do not provide allocated models for the online course.;
f. Provide you with a certificate upon successful completion of your course and ongoing support.

13. You acknowledge that each course will involve both theory and practical elements with the submission of assessments. Please refer to the chosen course outline for its applicable terms and structure.

14. Once enrolled, students will receive a Starter Kit and Learning Manual. Each course kit differs depending on which course you choose.

15. In the circumstances that a student fails their assessment, they are given the opportunity to retake it until they pass given the time frame of 6 months with their assigned trainer for the Designer Eyebrow Online Course and 3 months for the Masterclass.

16. A student who elects to re-sit the assessment or treatment (First Re-Sit) will not be required to pay any extra costs. If you go over your time frame limit (6 month of the Designer Eyebrow Online Course or 3 month for the Masterclasses) and still require assistance, you can request this at a $250 extra fee for 1 month with your assigned trainer.

17. Kits contain the basic tools and equipment you need to start practising. Depending on which course you enrol you will receive 20-40 needles, 10 – 50 disposable items, 3 bottles of pigments. Extra items can be purchased at our online shop at www.eyebrowinkstyling.com/shop.

18. We reserve the right to terminate your online courses at any time. If we are required to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances, we will refund the course fees paid. Alternatively, we can credit the course fees towards future course fees if you so elect. However, we will not reimburse you for  any incidental or optional expenses, including but not limited to flights and accommodation.

19. A recommended 60 hours of dedicated training is required to be confident in cosmetic tattooing. We do not take responsibility if you harm yourself or others when performing the treatment.

20. Every assessment for each unit is marked accordingly to meet the tattooing standards. If you do not meet these expectations, you are encouraged to attempt the assessment again until you pass and are given access to move to the next unit once passed. Please allow 7 business days to for the next unit to be unlocked.

21. You cannot graduate and receive a certificate of completion until you have passed all your assessments.

22. Please consider at least 7 business days for a response from your trainer or from our support team.


23. You indemnify us for all actions, suits, claims, demands, liabilities, costs, expenses, loss and damage (including personal injury and death) incurred or suffered by us or any third party as a direct or indirect consequence of your enrolment and participation at the Eyebrow Ink Online Training Academy.

24. We are not responsible for, and expressly disclaim all liability to the fullest extent permitted by law, for damage of any kind relating to your enrolment at The EI Styling Online Courses.

25. Upon completion of your course, provided you have passed all standards required you will be issued a certificate that will allow you to start tattooing right away. Under current Australian law, you are not required to have accreditation. If you would like to receive accreditation it will cost a further $1500-$1900 through an RTO which we can assist you in obtaining.

26. Please check with your council about the regulations in your state, if you are required to complete a  Cert 3 in Infection Control before you can obtain council approval to start offering cosmetic tattooing/opening up your business. Cert 3 Infection Control is an additional cost and additional training. Usually around $300 with a 1-week study. Eyebrow Ink Styling Academy does not offer Cert 3 Infection Control training. You will need to obtain approval for a skin penetration license for your business. The same rules applies for BB Glow Skin Treatments.

Intellectual Property

27. All documents, materials and other information provided to you by us, including without limitation all information, text, photographs, plans, illustrations, online material, artwork and other graphic materials, and advertisements is our property or the property of our licensors (Our Content). Our Content is protected by copyright, trademarks, and other intellectual property laws.

28. You registering for the online course will be under your name, and you alone have access can use the training information/ tools provided. We track and monitor your progress on the online training platform, as well as your login activities. You are not permitted to share your logins with others. Any unusual behavior will cause instant lock down and removal of future access.

29. You must not reproduce, retransmit, distribute, disseminate, sell, publish, broadcast, or circulate any of Our Content to any third party without our express prior written consent.

30. Except as expressly provided above, nothing contained in this document shall be construed as conferring any license or right in, or assign all or part of, its intellectual property rights in Our Content without our express written permission or the express written permission of the owner of the relevant content.

31. We will regularly monitor your business if we feel our intellectual property has been disrupted and tampered with this will ongoing further
legal actions.


32. In the event that you:
a. fail to pay the course fees in full of your course;
b. are disruptive, rude or fail to follow proper behaviour to your trainer during your online course training;
c. tampering or distributing our property we may terminate your online course account to allow you further access, without a refund.

EI Styling Academy reserves the right to cancel your enrolment in its absolute discretion if you fail to comply with these Terms in any material respect. Included and not limited to blocking access to the online course, removal from the support group and will not offer any further support.


33. You may not assign or transfer your interest in this agreement without the express consent of Eyebrow Ink Styling Academy.

34. We accept no liability for any failure to comply with these Terms where such failure is due to circumstances beyond our reasonable control.

35. If we waive any rights available to us under these Terms on one occasion, this does not mean that those rights will automatically be waived on any other occasion.

36. These Terms are the entire agreement and understanding between you and us on everything connected with the subject matter of these Terms and supersede any prior agreement understanding on anything connected with that subject matter.

37. If any of these Terms are held to be invalid, unenforceable, or illegal for any reason, then that provision is severed, and the rest of these Terms remains in force.

38. Some of the course offers a bonus Wax and Tint course, this is not certified.

39. You cannot request any of the trainer’s personal detail, only the details given to you by the Academy. Once a student graduates from the course and/or finish their 6-month time frame with their trainer from the Designer Eyebrow Online Course or 3-month time frame for the Masterclasses, they cannot continue to contact their trainer but can use the Facebook Student Support Group.

40. No trainer is given for the BB Glow Online Course, however, support can be gien via email at support@eistyling.com.

41. You cannot train people in cosmetic tattooing nor open an academy and offer training in cosmetic tattooing in Australia at  premises or a academy location or salon for 4 years from your completion of your course with cosmetic tattooing. You may not offer training in cosmetic tattooing in an online version nationally and internationally for 4 years from completion of your course with Eyebrow Ink Styling.

42. In the event that you are:
a. Using the Facebook Group (Eyebrow Ink Angels) to discuss a negative experience with Georgina Martino or EI Styling salon or Academy brand.
b. Use the Facebook Group (Eyebrow Ink Angels) to contact and source other EI Styling students and clients.
c. Are using Facebook Group (Eyebrow Ink Angels) to contact EI Styling Trainers or staff privately.
d. Taking, copying, sharing, screenshotting information/ photos/ videos from the support group to use or bulling or defame the student or the academy. We reserve the right to, at any time, without prior notice, to cancel or block your access to the Eyebrow Ink Angels Facebook group and the online course indefinitely, and  no further support will be given to you, and legal actions will be taken if any of the following breaches mentioned in these terms are made.

Contact us

43. Please contact us if you have any further queries about this contract or about your course. Email: info@eistyling.com or call 08 6500 9900


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Experience Soft Curve Brow™ Eyebrow Tattoo Or Any Of Our Luxury Treatments. Feel & Look Amazing, It Will Change Your Life!

I want to LEARN more about the Virtual Online Cosmetic Tattoo Courses


I want to LEARN more about the Virtual Online Cosmetic Tattoo Courses to Graduate ready to DOUBLE or TRIPLE my Income!

Experience Soft Curve Brow™ Eyebrow Tattoo Or Any Of Our Luxury Treatment. Feel & Look Amazing, It Will Change Your Life!
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Experience Soft Curve Brow™ Eyebrow Tattoo & Get the Most Natural, Distinct & Beautiful Brows You've Ever Had!

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