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Become A Brow Stylist in a Few Weeks with Our Brow Tattoo Courses

Our Designer Eyebrow tattoo course will teach you Microblading eyebrows, Ombre Brows and Combination Brows so that no matter what your clients request, you can give them exactly what they want.


  • Access to our ONLINE Portal for 12 months. This is full of video tutorials about all things cosmetic tattooing, including mapping and business (rrp $4899)
  • 1 MONTH at home learning and practice from the portal
  • 5 FULL DAYS in the Academy (when you book the Academy course)
  • 3 LIVE calls with your trainer (when you book the Online course)
  • A large starter kit that will have enough products and tools for you to tattoo 40 people
  • ELEKTRA Wireless Tattoo Machine (RRP $550 )
  • Handtools for hairstrokes
  • FREE Eyebrow Courses Online (waxing, tinting, tweezering, shaping, trimming)
  • Social Media Marketing and Business Training included
  • Lifetime support, and access to our Secret Facebook support group (Eyebrow Ink Angels)


As soon as you purchase a course from us, you will be automatically enrolled in the online course. The course login’s will be emailed to you immediately. If you purchased the academy course, we will contact you shortly after and email you all the Pre-Course information, the model schedule including useful tips on how to book your models and we will post your Starter Kit to you the same day!
Join Our Eyebrow Tattoo Course Today!

Ready to master the art of eyebrow tattooing? Enrol in our eyebrow tattoo classes and start learning from the experts. With interest free finance options available, you can get started with eyebrow tattoo certification for as little as $80 per week! Book a call with one of our experienced Academy coordinators or sign up for eyebrow tattoo courses online today.

What You'll Learn in Our Boutique Brow Tattoo Courses
  1. Soft Curve Brows®

  2. Misty Contour Brows®

  3. Combo Brows®

Soft Curve Brows® is a unique technique created and trademarked by Georgina, the founder of Eyebrow Ink Styling. The Soft Curve Brow® is tiny hair strokes blended with her contouring technique which creates the MOST NATURAL looking eyebrow tattoo there is! The shape is like the name, SOFT CURVE, so not pointy, highly arched brows that make you look too surprised or angry, just a soft cover for the natural look that will give your customers a slight lift. Every hair stroke we create also has a SOFT CURVE to it, so they all mimic exactly how eyebrow hair grows, giving a hyper-realistic look. It is so natural that you can’t even tell which is hair and which is tattoo!

Misty Contour Brows® is another unique technique created and trademarked by Georgina. Like Ombre brows or Powder brows, Misty Contour Brows® are a type of semi-permanent makeup using a machine that creates a soft and powdery makeup look. Using a pixelated technique called misting, you will learn how to create full, beautiful, and more defined brows that look completely natural yet defined, and are easy for your customers to maintain for the long term. Your customers will not need to apply eyebrow makeup after getting these brows done. This is another one of the trending techniques that has been all the rage on social media and continues to generate a buzz amongst beauty lovers worldwide.

Combo Brows® is a technique created that uses both, hair strokes (microblading) and Misty techniques (machine) to create a hybrid eyebrow tattoo that is both highly styled and has a natural, soft start to the eyebrow using hair strokes. This method gives your customers the best of both worlds if they are struggling to decide which eyebrow tattoo to choose or for a customer that wants more definition through the body of the eyebrows to the tails.

Become the Brow Artist Clients Dream of with Our Designer Eyebrow Course

If you’re looking to get serious about your brow styling skills and take your technique to new heights, eyebrow tattoo training from the brow experts at Eyebrow Ink Styling in Perth are a great place to start. If you’ve always wished to work in the Beauty Industry but didn’t know where to begin, Eyebrow Ink Styling would like to invite you to attend one of our upcoming Designer Eyebrow Training Courses. Our brow styling courses include Microblading, a skill that will help you become the sought after brow artist that today’s clients want. We offer both an online brow course and an in-house Academy course for your convenience.

Eyebrow Ink Styling is one of Australia’s first Cosmetic Tattoo Academies. We offer boutique brow style training in Cosmetic Tattooing and Microblading. Georgina Anne, founder of Eyebrow Ink Styling, saw a need in the industry to offer highly professional training in eyebrow, lip and eyeliner tattooing. This will enable you to be at the forefront of emerging new methods and techniques. Our tattoo methods are known to be super natural, long lasting and beautiful. Our method will not cause damage and pain to your customers. The results speak for themselves, and it will for you too. You will have happy, returning customers forever.

Did you know that Georgina has trained over 3000 students, and they are successfully working as Cosmetic Tattoo artist right here in Perth and all over Australia? This could be YOU!

Our Designer Eyebrow tattoo course was created to set you apart from the rest, and help you become a super confident and highly skilled professional brow artist. Curious as to what it takes and why you should join us? Read on for a few more compelling reasons.

A Message from Georgina

We start from the start, from skin and healing, designing/mapping all the way through to advanced skills in tattooing and colour theory. After training with me, you will leave my Academy 100% confident to perform cosmetic tattooing and start your beauty business.

I give you access to my online course so you can start studying 1 month prior to learning with me in the academy.

You will practice what I teach you in the tutorials so that you are prepared when you start the academy. Practicing and working on models builds confidence, which will enable you to perform what you have learnt after the course has ended.

Building a portfolio of your work is very important. I will show you the best ways to take photos that stand out on Instagram.

I include business and social media training to help you launch your new beauty business or expand what you currently have to a wider audience. There is no other intensive training like this in Australia.

After my training you will be able to start your beauty business and start earning a 6 figure income while still having spare time to do the things you love!

Love, Georgina

Top Reasons to Get Trained By EI Styling
Reason #1: Get educated by a certified TAE Trainer PMU expert

When it comes to cosmetic tattooing, Georgina Anne and her team have been coaching aspiring artists at her training academy since 2015. One of the best in the business, she has trained thousands of students all over Australia and in the USA to emulate her trademark expertise and break into the billion dollar beauty industry. At your Designer Eyebrow styling course you’ll get not only comprehensive instruction from a master stylist but also the opportunity to practice hands-on, with helpful guidance from Georgina's experienced trainers.

Reason #2: Gain a skill set that includes today’s most innovative methods

The world of cosmetic tattooing and brow styling is fast-paced and evolving quickly. If you are passionate about being the best at your trade, you’re going to want to get up to speed on the latest styles and how to perfect them with cosmetic tattoo training. Through our course, you’ll learn the best machine techniques, but also many tips and tricks for ensuring client satisfaction and developing a true artist’s touch. It’s all about the hair-strokes, pixelation and the fade, and we will teach you how to master it.

Reason #3: Build a brand for yourself and a business doing what you love

One of the best things about committing to professional training is that it is an investment that will quickly pay for itself and then some. By getting trained on some of the most trending techniques and services, you’ll be able to elevate your skills for your existing clientele or if you are new to the beauty industry you’ll attract even more new clients who are looking for the best brow artistry available on the market.

Reason #4: Hundreds of glowing testimonials can’t be wrong

One more thing we’re exceptionally proud of at Eyebrow Ink Styling is how many success stories have come from our microblading artistry training and machine brow training. Those who have enrolled and completed Georgina Anne’s microblading and ombre brow training are thriving in business, working smarter not harder, and making better money than ever before. Be sure to check out some of our amazing reviews, for even more reasons to join us!

What are our STUDENTS saying about EI Styling?

Here is what other people just like yourself are saying about being an Eyebrow Ink™ stylist, and how the Eyebrow Ink™ experience has had a HUGE impact on their business, clients and lifestyle…

Some Of Our Happy Students Testimonials
K. Spooner
Read More
An amazing experience with Georgina and her qualified staff at Eyebrow Ink! Now competent in completing a range of cosmetic tattoo procedures! I recommend these beautiful ladies for your training needs
J. Hollman
Read More
Did a 5 day microblading course with Georgina. She is very informative and helpful. Lots of models to practice on which is a bonus And Georgina loved spoiling us with coffee and cakes lol
S. Lee
Read More
Georgina was amazing. I’ve just finished the 5 day course and I’m very thankful I did it with Georgina. She was constantly there for us girls. Would highly recommend anyone wanting to study to do it with Georgina and her beautiful team of girls 
S. Durant
Read More
Just completed an advanced brow, liner and lip course and I have had the most amazing couple of days learning from Georgina. Her knowledge is endless and her beautiful nature made me feel very relaxed and welcomed. Thank you so much Georgina 
B. Meuleman 
Read More
Really want to let the eyebrow world out there know how good Georgina is. I did my 3 day feather brow course in early August and learnt so much in the 3 days she is a great teacher not to mention artist. Walked out feeling confident and ready to take it on. A Month in and I have done over 10 clients so very happy. She is great if you need to ask questions her response in prompt. Very professional and highly recommend. Thanks Georgina 
C. Wong
Read More
I just completed the 3-day Microblading course and had the best time! Georgina is such a great teacher and is always ready to help and answer questions. Her passion and love for cosmetic tattooing is infectious and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me and my cosmetic tattooing journey! Thanks again Georgina 
J. Williams 
Read More
I have just completed my three-day microblading course with Georgina and her fabulous girls. What a pleasure it was. I feel confident in my training and would 100% recommend Eyebrow Ink training and or services to anyone. Georgina is professional, warm and a wealth of knowledge plus a truly beautiful person 
Read More
Working with Georgina and her team is not just learning is how she makes you feel... I been a model a few times and after I decided to do a course, is the best investment I have done. Georgina 10/10 professional / friendly person very easy to talk too Team 10/10 professional/friendly/helpful . I highly recommend Eyebrow Ink
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Experience Soft Curve Brow™ Eyebrow Tattoo Or Any Of Our Luxury Treatments. Feel & Look Amazing, It Will Change Your Life!

I want to LEARN more about the Virtual Online Cosmetic Tattoo Courses


I want to LEARN more about the Virtual Online Cosmetic Tattoo Courses to Graduate ready to DOUBLE or TRIPLE my Income!

Experience Soft Curve Brow™ Eyebrow Tattoo Or Any Of Our Luxury Treatment. Feel & Look Amazing, It Will Change Your Life!
Experience Soft Curve Brows™ Eyebrow Tattoo & Get the Most Natural, Distinctive & Beautiful Brows You've Ever Had!

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Experience Soft Curve Brow™ Eyebrow Tattoo Or Any Of Our Luxury Treatments. Feel & Look Amazing, It Will Change Your Life!


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Experience Soft Curve Brow™ Eyebrow Tattoo & Get the Most Natural, Distinct & Beautiful Brows You've Ever Had!

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