These days eyebrows are an important aspect detail to one’s face. It sculpts and frames the face. 
Like many, we tend to waste countless hours every day in the mirror to fill in our eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil, pomade or brow powder. This takes time and effort every single day to try and get our eyebrows into a perfect shape and symmetrical.  This makes us stress, costs money for products and sometimes, on a not so good day, your eyebrows don’t turn out the way you want it too.
At Eyebrow Ink Styling we are all about eyebrows and creating a perfect eyebrow shape that in natural and still looks like you! We match the tattoo colour to the colour of your eyebrow hair, this way nobody will even be able to tell that its a tattoo.    

Our achievement towards our clients is that we want our customers to feel more confident and beautiful each time they leave our salon.
Customer wellbeing, health and happiness. All our procedures from start to finish are controlled in a clean environment, that follow the Australian Health procedurals, we communicate with you throughout and allow you to have a comfortable experience. We support your journey through maintenance and aftercare.
We can’t wait to create your natural arch shape, the perfect brow colour and perfect your eyebrows with our own Soft Curve Brows™ method.
Master Tattooist : Georgina
Pro Artist
SKIN NEEDLING  ( 45mins )

An Anti aging treatment designed to regenerate, hydrate and induce collagen growth in the skin. This treatment will also even out skin tone and reduce enlarged pores. We recommend 3-5 sessions for the best results. 

A deep cleansing and hydrating treatment. Suited for All skin types. The four step treatment includes cleansing, exfoliating and extracting using a gentle suction device which simultaneously infuses the skin with vitamin water. Once the extraction is completed a herbal clay mask is applied.   
All our treatments are performed by Georgina and our other Pro Artists of Eyebrow Ink Styling. Prices do differ for each artist.

Georgina is the Owner and Principle Trainer, all the other artists have all been trained by Georgina to meet her standards

Soft Curve Brows ™ Hair strokes (2hrs)

Simulated hair strokes combined with our misty technique. This looks like real eyebrow hairs and is a very natural look. Results last between 12 - 18 months. This brow style can be achieved on most skin types but not recommended for oily or vascular skin. This brow treatment was created by Georgina.

Misty Contour Brows ™ ‘Ombre Brows’ (3 hrs)

This is a graduation of dense colour to soft colour. This technique is a more defined make-up look, while still looking natural. Results last between 18 - 24 months. Great for all skin types or people with dense eyebrow hair. This brow treatment was created by Georgina.

Combination Brows (3hrs)

Hair strokes at the start of the eyebrow and powder technique through the rest of the eyebrows. Two techniques combined. Soft yet defined. Results last 12 - 24 months.
Touch up (1hrs)

This touch up session is a follow up appointment after 4-6 weeks after your initial eyebrow, lip or eyeliner treatment once healed to keep the retention and allows longevity of the tattoo.
Yearly Touch Up (1.5hrs)

After the first touch up and a year later the tattooed area requires a yearly touch up to add pigment and reshapes it. 
1.5 Year Touch Up (1hrs)

Only necessary if retention of brows isn't holding it's pigment in the brows. 

Top and Bottom Liner (3hrs)
Creates definition around the eyes and gives the illusion of fuller lashes. We offer winged liner, lash line blend and bottom liner. Results last between 18 - 24 months.

Misty Liner™ (3hrs)
A dramatic or baby winged eyeliner with a soft misty edge like eye shadow. Creates definition and a fuller lash look. Results last between 18 - 24 months.

Top Liner (2hrs)
We offer Top eyeliner including standard, winged liner and lash line blend for a more natural look. Results last between 18 -24 months.

Bottom Liner (1hr)
A bottom liner frames the eyes and compliments the top liner. We can create a very fine baby liner or a medium to thick powdery bottom liner. Results last between 18 - 24 months.


Full Lips (3hrs)
A natural full lip colour. Can be light or dark like a lipstick look. Results last for 18 - 24 months.

Misty Lips™ Lip Blush (3hrs)
An ombre lip effect. A graduation of darker colour to lighter colour to give the illusion of pouty, fuller lips. Results last for 18 - 24 months. This lip treatment was created by Georgina.

Tattoo Removal (30 mins)
Saline tattoo removal. Pain-free and safe. Price varies. Consultation required.


A very specialised treatment for men and women who's hair is receding balding and thinning. Follicle simulating and density treatments available.  This non invasive technique replicates the look of natural follicles and proves the appearance of thickness amongst existing hair or can create a closely shaven scalp. SMP can restore receded hairlines, provide density to remaining hair cover scars. 
BB TREATMENT ( 45mins )

BB Glow serum gives a light foundation coverage. The serum is gently buffed into the skin using micro needling. This treatment is Pain Free. Micro skin needling gives the same anti aging effect as traditional skin needling. You will see an improvement in skin texture and tone, enlarged pores will reduce and new collagen production will occur. This treatment is suitable for most skin types and will reduce the appearance of redness and pigmentation on the skin. We recommended 3 - 5 sessions for best results. Packages available.    

Pain-free hair removal. Packages available for brazillian, underarms and legs.



A range of waxing treatments for areas of the face such as brows, lip and chin. Tinting is also available.


For those that don't want to commit with semi permanent cosmetic tattooing, another option is eyebrow waxing. Colour tinting the eyebrows to darken the brows with a wax to define and shape the brows,

HENNA BROWS (30 mins)

Brow Henna is a type of hair dye and stains the skin for a dramatic look. Brow Henna contains natural ingredients and is vegan and cruelty free. Lasts 2-3 weeks. Results vary.

Lash Lift and Tint (30 mins)

A lash lift is a semi permanent perm for your lashes making them curl up, giving a long lash look. Lash Tinting is included with this treatment.
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