L.A Girl Jet Black Gel Eyeliner (3g)


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Take back control of your liner with the Gel Eyeliner Pot. Highly pigmented gel eyeliner applies smoothly and easily to create a sharp wing, graphic liner, or hey, if you still mess up your liner, you can smudge it out and call it a smoky eye. Best of all, once you perfect your look, no need to reapply because this long-lasting eyeliner formula isn’t going anywhere. So stop with the winged liner pep talks before using liquid liner, because you got this.

  • Highly Pigmented Gel Formula
  • Smudge-Proof & Water-Resistant
  • Long Lasting Wear


Starting from the middle of your eyelid, create a line extending towards your outer corner by following along your lash line.

Go back to the inner corner with the product left on your brush and begin lining to connect back to the middle.

Build up the liner to your desired shape and thickness.

To create a wing, start at the outer corner and extend the line towards the eyebrow, to the length you want your wing.

Create another line from your lash line to the tip of the wing, making a triangle shape.

Fill in the triangle.

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