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Giáli Lashes 14D 0.03 Short Stem Premade Volume Fans Lash Tray



We are the official distributor of Giáli Lashes. Give your clients the ultimate full volume look in less time by using our Giáli Lashes 14D Premade volume fan.

The 14D Premade Volume Lashes are exactly what your range of offering is missing. Only 1 pack is needed to create amazing fullness. 14D fans are 14 lightweight lashes heat bonded together to form a volume lash which is then applied to one natural lash providing a luscious volume application for your clients in no time at all.

Premade volume fans in short stem lashes are perfect for clients with few lashes or gaps in their natural lash line. The wider tops of the fan will give you instant full looks when you do not have much to work with. Our lightweight volume fans cause minimal stress to the client’s natural lashes while still giving a beautiful and full appearance. Perfect for those starting out in the lash industry or lash artists who are only classic trained, these are perfect for you as no volume training is necessary to use these.

DIRECTIONS: Use volume or curved tweezers to gently hold the fans by the stem and pull up towards the top of the tray. Gently pull the fan away from the adhesive strip towards the top of the tray. If the lashes break apart during removal this means you are being too rough or are not holding the lash in the correct spot, also make sure your tweezers are clean. Tweezers with glue residue will damage your fans when pulling them off the tray.

Cruelty-Free & Vegan Friendly


  • Heat bonded
  • Material: Highest Quality Korean PBT
  • Stem: Extremely narrow stem
  • Fans: 160
  • Lines: 16
  • Curl: D
  • Diameter:0.03
  • Weight: 0.021 kg


  • 9mm, D Curl
  • 10mm, D Curl
  • 11mm, D Curl
  • 12mm, D Curl
  • 14mm, D Curl
  • 15mm, D Curl

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