BB Glow Course

BB Glow is fast becoming the ‘Go To’ Facial because of its amazing results in resurfacing the skin and the anti aging affect. It is super hydrating and helps regulate the oil and moisture levels in the skin. The technique used can help break up superficial pigmentation which makes it easier for the body to eliminate it, as well as helps reduce pore size and minor scaring on the skin.

BB Glow is similar to a skin needling technique, combined with a hydrating, sheer coverage serum that contains a natural and light foundation. We are seeing amazing results with this as you get the skin needling effects but also with some coverage on the skin.

How it Works

A 1 hour session adding skin coloured ampoule with a sheer coverage, made by plant extracts, together with boosters serums used with micro needles and a digital machine to maximise direct penetration of active ingredients. A cooling mask is applied right after the micro-needling treatment to hydrate the skin. Slight redness for 24 hours, and immediate result for this semi permanent skin foundation treatment. The coverage and pigmentation lasts up to 4 months depending on your skin type and facial routine that can reduce the longevity. Click the button below to add the course in your cart.

The Benefits of BB Glow

Regeneration of cells that increases collagen for the skin.
Improves sun damage skin.
Effectively brightens and hydrates the skin.
Promotes wrinkle improvement and reduces dark under eyes.
Will not clog pores, rather minimises it.
Reduces and improves light scarring problems, discolouration and uneven skin tones.
Reduces inflammation.
Improves skin texture.
Gives a radiant complexion.


​We are offering Meso Therapy – BB Glow Online Course. In this training you will be studying the anatomy of the skin, skin contraindication, skin healing and how to use the machine in a safe manner. Learn the procedure of BB Glow and the purposes of each booster and clear serums. The importance of infection control, contradictions, business set up and social media marketing. NO EXPERIENCE IS NEEDED TO DO THIS COURSE.

Potential earnings: The unit cost for this treatment is $25, but for the service cost its $250 per treatment, with one client requiring 4-6 sessions for the best results which is $1000 – $1500 earning for you.

This is not a dermal therapy course. It is a basic course on how to use your machine and how to

get a good result for your client without damaging the skin. You will see a live demonstration

and then you will be able to work on your own model.

You will have a lifetime access to the BB Glow Online course to the theory and practical

videos to study and learn in your own time, in the comfort of your own space.

Learn Now and Pay Later. 

We provide instalment plans for all our courses to fit with your own current finances. With Payright it is interest free with flexible payment options. 

The courses are available to everyone no matter what your career journey is. Whether you want to increase your skills, start up your business, or just want to be part of the beauty industry we offer you everything you need to succeed.

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