Become a S C Brows™ Stylist and Learn to MASTER the Soft Curve Brows™ Styling Method, PLUS How to Ultimately END the Work Burnout Forever!
Become a S C Brows™ Stylist and Learn to MASTER the Soft Curve Brows™ Styling Method, PLUS How to Ultimately END the Work Burnout Forever!
My Soft Curve Brows™ Eyebrow Tattoo is a customized experience created for each of my clients based upon the facial features they have and the look they are seeking!
I place on average only 100 tiny hair strokes together with my Contouring Technique in my clients eyebrows during a normal seating. I create a hair stroke pattern that mimics how natural eyebrow hair grows.
There is no bleeding or pain involved, this method is very superficial and anaesthetic is used. 
I try and be creative and think outside the box and this has lead me to experiment with the different hair stroke patterns, colour and depth of tattoo.
After 5 years of work I finally had the BEST METHOD available with the least amount of damage to the skin, the MOST NATURAL DESIGN, and the perfect shape customised for each client.
Soft Curve Brows™ method was born out of my desire to cure my own eyebrow dissatisfaction and has evolved into an international conversation with clients from all over Australia.
I 100% believe in my own product and have my Soft Curve Brows™ every single day, allowing me to constantly be testing and improving my method. 
What are our STUDENTS saying about EI Styling
Here Is What other People  Just Like Yourself Are Saying About Being an Eyebrow Ink™ Stylist, and How the Eyebrow Ink™ EXPERIENCE Have Had a HUGE Impact On Their Business, Clients and Lifestyle…
K. Spooner

An amazing experience with Georgina and her qualified staff at Eyebrow Ink! Now competent in completing a range of cosmetic tattoo procedures! I recommend these beautiful ladies for your training needs xx

J. Hollman

Did a 5 day microblading course with Georgina.
She is very informative and helpful.
Lots of models to practice on which is a bonus
And Georgina loved spoiling us with coffee and cakes lol
S. Lee
Georgina was amazing. I’ve just finished the 5 day course and I’m very thankful I did it with Georgina. She was constantly there for us girls. Would highly recommend anyone wanting to study to do it with Georgina and her beautiful team of girls xx
S. Durant
Just completed an advanced brow, liner and lip course and I have had the most amazing couple of days learning from Georgina. Her knowledge is endless and her beautiful nature made me feel very relaxed and welcomed. Thank you so much Georgina �
B. Meuleman 

Really want to let the eyebrow world out there know how good Georgina is. I did my 3 day feather brow course early August and learnt so much in the 3 days she is a great teacher not to mention artist. Walked out feeling confident and ready to take it on. A Month in and I have done over 10 clients so very happy. She is great if you need to ask questions her response in prompt. Very professional and highly recommend. Thanks Georgina x
C. Wong
I just completed the 3 Day Micro Blading course and had the best time! Georgina is such a great teacher and is always ready to help and answer questions. Her passion and love for cosmetic tattooing is infectious and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me and my cosmetic tattooing journey! Thanks again Georgina � 

J. Williams 

I have just completed my three day microblading course with Georgina and her fabulous girls.
What a pleasure it was. I feel confident in my training and would 100% recommend Eyebrow Ink training and or services to anyone.
Georgina is professional, warm and a wealth of knowledge plus a truly beautiful person �

Working with Georgina and her team is not just learning is how she makes you feel... I been model few times and after I decided to do a course, is the best investment I have done.Georgina 10/10 professional / friendly person very easy to talk too Team 10/10 professional/friendly/helpful . I highly recommend Eyebrow Ink
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