Meet The Creator & Team Behind Soft Curve Brows™ & Eyebrow Ink Styling
About Georgina Anne
Hi! I’m Georgina Anne, Founder of Eyebrow Ink Styling and Creator of the Soft Curve Brows™ Eyebrow Styling Method.
My passion for Eyebrows
I custom design the shape, and select the perfect colour to give you natural-looking eyebrows, adding volume, length and thickness so my clients can experience the long lasting and beautiful eyebrow tattoo they’ve always dreamed of. I am passionate about creating the greatest experience possible for my clients with the least amount of damage to the skin.

I am committed to making sure you are a great candidate for Soft Curve Brows™ Eyebrow Styling, thus guaranteeing 100% of my clients end up with beautiful, natural-looking eyebrows when you leave my salon.

It is inevitable that the fast, efficient and beautiful results of my Soft Curve Brows™ Eyebrow Styling will have you hooked like the rest of my clients, many of whom travel from all over Australia to experience ‘S C Brows™.

My clients are committed to living with natural, beautiful and perfectly shaped eyebrows and most can thoroughly relate to my personal struggle to find a Natural Looking Eyebrow Tattoo. This is why they trust me to work my magic with Soft Curve Brows™.
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How Did I Create Soft Curve Brows™?
I have very fine eyebrow hair that I have never been able to grow them into a fuller style.

Also, I over waxed when I was young and I have gaps throughout my eyebrows.

From this cycle, you become dependent on filling them with tint, make up and anything that will fill the gaps and create fullness, but they start to look like fake, unnatural eyebrows.

This constant tinting, if continued for long periods of time, would have ended up leaving me 100% with more gaps because of the peroxide in the tints.

Over the years I have tried almost every eyebrow styling method that has been created…
  • ​Waxing
  • ​Tinting,
  •  Threading
  •  Block Tattoo,
  •  Henna
  •  and many more! You name it, I’ve tried it!
How is this possible?
My Soft Curve Brows™ Eyebrow Tattoo is a customized experience created for each of my clients based upon the facial features they have and the look they are seeking!
I place on average only 100 tiny hair strokes together with my Contouring Technique in my clients eyebrows during a normal seating. I create a hair stroke pattern that mimics how natural eyebrow hair grows.
There is no bleeding or pain involved, this method is very superficial and anaesthetic is used. 
I try and be creative and think outside the box and this has lead me to experiment with the different hair stroke patterns, colour and depth of tattoo.
After 5 years of work I finally had the BEST METHOD available with the least amount of damage to the skin, the MOST NATURAL DESIGN, and the perfect shape customised for each client.
Soft Curve Brows™ method was born out of my desire to cure my own eyebrow dissatisfaction and has evolved into an international conversation with clients from all over Australia.
I 100% believe in my own product and wear Soft Curve Brows™ every single day, allowing me to constantly be testing and improving my method. 
I am a mom of two beautiful children. I wanted to find a way to work smarter not harder. I put in my time like many stylists working 10 to 12 hour days. I was burning out!

6 years ago I was faced with a tough reality in my life and was near divorce and financially struggling. I had no other choice than to figure out how to make more money while still allowing time for me to be with my family.

That is when I decided to discover my niche. How could I work half the time and make twice as much? I wasn’t catering to celebrity clientele at the time but I wanted to make what celebrity stylist were making. The only way to become a master of your niche is to narrow your clientele down to 95% of this.

I have had eyebrow tattooing and styling as well as done them on my clients over the last 20 years all up. It wasn’t until the last five years that I decided that I was only going to take Eyebrow Styling and Cosmetic Tattooing Treatments solely. This is when my income went up by 4x and I worked half as much. I thought, “This is crazy!” I didn’t even know this was possible!

I knew this was a solution for many other women and stylist who could benefit from this finding and could also relate to my story. I couldn’t keep this a secret any longer, I had to share and educate!

Over the last 6 years I began to educate and truly perfect my craft. The better educator I became the better results my students had.

I am truly passionate and love the art and craft of what I do, but most importantly, love sharing it with others and seeing the success and change it has on their lives.

Karla our beauty therapist and receptionist at Eyebrow Ink Styling for almost two years now. She has a Diploma at Perth College for Beauty Therapy qualified in all personal care and wellness treatments. At Eyebrow Ink Styling she specialise and offers IPL Laser Hair Removal, IPL Rejuvenation, IPL Vascular and IPL Skin Pigmentation, Skin Needling, BB Glow, Lash Lift and Eyebrow Waxing and Tinting to clients. 
Cherie is our cosmetic tattooist and trainer. A qualified beauty and skin therapist with over 15 years’ experience.  After years of perfecting the art of brow sculpting and shaping in makeup form she realised she wanted to be able to offer clients something more permanent. Especially for those who had little to no hair. She trained with Russian tattoo master- Ana Pezina on Ombré Brows, Lip Liner, Lash enhancement and Tattoo Eyeliner, in which she puts into action at Eyebrow Ink Styling.
Sae is our cosmetic tattooist and trainer.  She has been a beauty therapy for 13 years. Starting her journey in skin and nail treatments, before deciding to upskill her profession in the cosmetic tattoo industry. She studied at the Melbourne College of Cosmetic Tattooing and became a student at Eyebrow Ink and completed her advance cosmetic course. Georgina recognised her unique attention to detail and offered her the opportunity to come work for EyebrowInk Styling to further advance her techniques.
Tilly is a cosmetic tattoo artist and assistant trainer at EI Styling Academy. She was previously a student of Georgina’s courses.  A lash technician that wanted to expand her skills in the beauty industry, as she strives to offer the best brows and lips of her clients dreams, as she loves seeing their reactions. Georgina loves her style and attention to detail with her clients treatment and offered her the opportunity to share her experience and skills with her future students.  
Soft Curve Brows™ : The #1 Secret to Natural Looking Eyebrows!
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